Saturday, August 27, 2011

life happens... life goes on...

Shit happens
things fall apart
hearts get broken
you screw up
sometimes timing isn't right
sometimes its the person
and just when everything seems right
when U r all setup and put Ur heart on the line
its the moment life kicks U in the crouch
it's time u figure out things aren't the way u thought they were

I tried to stay away
I really did
but how can I stay away for real
when even in dreams I see you..
I miss u..

that's the way life teaches you..
its harsh but may be its the only way she knows
next time u think more..
next time it hurts less..
it get easier with time...
life happens.. life goes on..


  1. agreed ! life goes on ! you don't forget the pain , you learn to live with it ! nice post !